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US-8406652-B2: Removable member-holding device and image forming apparatus patent, US-8459052-B2: Refrigerant vapor compression system with flash tank receiver patent, US-6789781-B2: Reinforced diaphragm valve patent, US-6864731-B2: Method and device for symmetrical slew rate calibration patent, US-6923229-B2: Wallet for retaining a plurality of credit cards patent, US-7055256-B2: Plumb bob square bracket patent, US-7441690-B2: Joined structure of different metals and friction welding method thereof patent, US-7461769-B2: Method and apparatus for friction stir welding patent, US-7490320-B2: Method and apparatus for transforming Java Native Interface function calls into simpler operations during just-in-time compilation patent, US-7505363-B2: Automatic switch for marine sounders patent, US-7624585-B2: Freezer unit patent, US-7935083-B2: Anchoring system for luer lock connector patent, US-8327551-B2: Attachment interface for rotary hand tools patent, US-8520003-B2: Method and apparatus for interactive curve generation patent, US-6819956-B2: Optimal method and apparatus for neural modulation for the treatment of neurological disease, particularly movement disorders patent, US-7192072-B2: Movable panel assembly patent, US-7334442-B2: Privacy keypad patent, US-7356153-B2: Hearing assistive apparatus having sound replay capability patent, US-7434317-B2: Slide assembly device for a snap-off blade utility knife patent, US-7495181-B2: Electromagnetic wave absorber patent, US-8012030-B2: Connecting assembly between a shaft journal and a constant velocity universal joint patent, US-8095442-B2: Systems and methods for calculating specified matrices patent, US-8215949-B2: Combustion stabilization systems patent, US-8337388-B2: System and method to restrict stomach size patent, US-8376098-B2: Resistance mechanism for a pedal assembly patent, US-8393773-B2: Light-guide lights providing a substantially monochromatic beam patent, US-8521049-B2: Heater controller, image forming apparatus, method for controlling heater patent, US-6789117-B1: Enterprise network analyzer host controller/agent interface system and method patent, US-6907597-B1: Method and apparatus for constructing an executable program in memory patent, US-7375366-B2: Carbon nanotube and method for producing the same, electron source and method for producing the same, and display patent, US-8123794-B2: Intraluminal support frame patent, US-8171874-B2: Wake towers and methods of use and manufacture thereof patent, US-8257685-B2: Swellable particles for drug delivery patent, US-8459756-B2: Adjustable blanking panel patent, US-7794378-B2: Exercise chair with side supporters patent, US-7978136-B2: Associating a universal time with received signal patent, US-8281600-B2: Thimble, sleeve, and method for cooling a combustor assembly patent, US-7033173-B2: Gingival retraction device and method patent, US-7176368-B2: Quick release nut assembly for percussion instrument patent, US-7291167-B2: Stent having radiopaque markers and method of fabricating the same patent, US-7463703-B2: Joint symbol, amplitude, and rate estimator patent, US-8264588-B2: Digital camera patent, US-6976700-B2: Air bag inflator bracket patent, US-7270034-B2: Took kit patent, US-7550754-B2: Method for registering a storage phosphor screen patent, US-7866806-B2: Liquid-composition set, and liquid-applying method and liquid-applying apparatus employing the set patent, US-7877371-B1: Selectively deleting clusters of conceptually related words from a generative model for text patent, US-7902688-B2: Vertical axis wind turbines patent, US-8303434-B1: Putter type golf club patent, US-8484012-B2: Information service apparatus and method, information display apparatus and information service system patent, US-6795941-B2: Method for diagnosing a network patent, US-7438464-B2: Static mixer with polymorphic structure patent, US-7563909-B2: Statin derivatives patent, US-7599763-B2: Vehicle stability control system patent, US-7605392-B2: Field effect transistor and production process thereof patent, US-7827409-B2: Remote secure authorization patent, US-8205570-B1: Autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle with buoyancy engine patent, US-8412502-B2: System and method for performing oilfield simulation operations patent, US-8466434-B2: Aircraft potable water system patent, US-8471646-B2: Wideband, differential signal balun for rejecting common mode electromagnetic fields patent, US-7173042-B2: Quinoline inhibitors of cGMP phosphodiesterase patent, US-7510397-B2: Method and apparatus for performing maxillary sinus elevation patent, US-7954854-B2: Seat belt retractor and torsion bar providing secondary load limiting patent, US-8038040-B2: Bottle with integral dip tube patent, US-8109875-B2: Derma diagnostic and automated data analysis system patent, US-8165656-B2: Systems and methods for measuring pulse wave velocity with an intravascular device patent, US-7191941-B1: Systems and methods for determining a need for authorization patent, US-8198318-B2: Therapeutic amides patent, US-8231519-B2: Multi-lumen cannula patent, US-8236926-B2: Rapid glycopeptide optimization via neoglycosylation patent, US-8483028-B2: Method for adjusting recording condition, optical disc device, and information recording method patent, US-6910152-B2: Device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory patent, US-7121850-B2: Dual-purpose male/female connector patent, US-7557113-B2: Substituted pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine derivatives patent, US-7700216-B2: Stack for fuel cell system having an element for reducing stress concentration patent, US-7097244-B2: Thermal protection apparatus and method for child car seat patent, US-7400769-B2: Position-code bearing notepad employing activation icons patent, US-7619406-B2: Methods and apparatus for magnetic article detection patent, US-7899107-B1: Preamble detection using low-complexity cross-correlation patent, US-8357823-B2: Alkylene oxide capped secondary alcohol ethoxylates as fermentation foam control agents patent, US-7381737-B2: Crystalline forms and process for preparing spiro-hydantoin compounds patent, US-7392286-B2: Accessories for teleconference component patent, US-7720652-B2: Modeling location histories patent, US-7735843-B2: Stroller brake system patent, US-8142113-B2: Throwaway insert and milling tool equipped with the same patent, US-6975870-B2: Mobile communication terminal patent, US-7125823-B2: Methods of making dual-action decontamination media patent, US-7587022-B1: Correlation-based motion estimation of object to be imaged patent, US-7679276-B2: Metal body arc lamp patent, US-7731752-B2: Implant with nested members and methods of use patent, US-5394112-A: Differential transconductor with reduced temperature dependence patent, US-7765144-B2: Method and system for transfer of employee stock options patent, US-7845925-B2: Valve gate assembly patent, US-7541034-B1: Recombinant antibodies and immunoconjugates targeted to CD-22 bearing cells and tumors patent, US-8132198-B2: Point-of-sale enablement of optical storage media patent, US-8350094-B2: Methods of making fluorinated ethers, fluorinated ethers, and uses thereof patent, US-8469653-B2: Cell engagement and retention carriage patent, US-7127143-B2: Distribution cable assembly having overmolded mid-span access location patent, US-7248515-B2: Non-volatile memory with test rows for disturb detection patent, US-7308915-B2: Packaging system for storing and mixing separate ingredient components patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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